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The Ending To Morton

“Morton honey, just let it go and sit back down, please. The guy obviously is an unfit parent, who doesn’t know any manners. I mean look at him, he isn’t paying attention to his son, he looks like a drunk, and his eyes are blood shot red. Just sit down and ignore the sorry guy.” She whispered softly, making sure she didn’t create any more tension between the two men. “He’s not about to sit here and encourage his boy to throw sand at our Larry, and act like that’s okay. A real father would tell the little rascal, that what he is doing is out of order. But obviously this dirt bag of a father doesn’t know what to do as a parent. So I’m going to be the one to let him know.” Morton said in an uneasy tone, not taking his eyes off the man for a minute. The man snickered loudly, “Oh, so you think that you are going to be the one to teach me how to be a real father huh?” The man spat, as he balled up fat hands as though he was going to throw a punch.

As the men were standing neck and neck, Joe yelled “knock him out Kevin, knock him out how you use to do my mommy before she up and left me.” The little boy said as tears began to form in his eyes. Hearing the mention of his sons’ mother made Kevin’s blood boil. Before he could think twice about the woman he once loved, he punched Morton dead in his nose, while he turned to look at his son. Causing Morton’s nose to bleed instantly. As his cherry red blood came gushing out, his wife gasped.…