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It is this potential to help that contributes to a leader’s authority and credibility, and it results in something else: helping others can allow you to differentiate yourself and naturally attract people to your brand in a meaningful way.

1. Create brand advocates
You can garner valuable brand advocates by simply providing help where is needed. Whether it’s providing a press opportunity, a referral, or simply valuable information, it’s that person’s job to find opportunity to help someone out.
2. Decrease barriers
When you make the effort to help someone, you can given the opportunity to form a meaningful relationship, rather than a purely transactional one.
3. Encourage employees to do the same
If your brand can garner a reputation based on both amiability and expertise, you will have more than just a profitable business

Maintain their composure in difficult times
Leaders need to show more composure than ever before in the workplace. With the change management requirements, increased marketplace demands and intensifying competitive factors that surround us, leader must have greater poise, agility and patience to minimize the impact of uncertain.
The composure of a leader is reflected in their attitude, body language and overall presence. In today’s evolving business environment, it is clear that leadership is not only about elevating the performance, aptitude and development of people-but more so about the ability to make people feel safe and secure. Employees have grown tired of working in survival mode and thus want to be part of a workplace culture where they can…