Moses: Judaism and God Essay

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Bible Essay The character I chose for this essay is the character of Moses. This character is a very godly character who accomplished many great things in his time. Such as, seeing the back of God, and being in the presents of God. He was also chosen to lead the people chosen by God, and preformed many great things through the power that God gave him. His significance in the Jewish culture is very great. He dominated the Jewish Torah and also wrote it. He also brought the laws of God from God to the Jewish people. Moses is also a really big figure of who the Jewish people wanted to be like and act like in the Old Testament.
There are many accomplishments that Moses achieved. Such as, leading the God’s people out of the Promised Land, performing many great miracles, and bringing the handwritten laws of God. He also could talk with God and consult him. There was much strength that Moses had. One is that he consulted God with every decision that he made which is a very big deal because that shows that he is completely dependent on God. This is also what makes him such a good leader for the Jews. Another strength, was that he was very faithful and believed in God fully. This also made him one of the greatest leaders and servants of God. Like all humans though he also had his weaknesses. Moses being the one of the greatest leaders was not allowed to enter the Promised Land because of is weakness. One of his weaknesses was he didn’t have the patients needed to lead the people. He also had an anger problem because he broke the original ten commandants and also struck the rock instead of speaking to it which disallowed him to entering the Promised Land. He also had a speech problem and needed his brother to speak to the people for him. Something interesting that I noticed about this was everything he tried to do in his own strength failed, but when he trusted in God he would always do the right thing. The character of Moses is very important because it gives the people in the Old Testament an example on how to run their lives. Now we have Jesus, but then they needed someone…