Moses Maimonides Essay

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Moses Maimonides (1135 – 1204) was an extremely effective teacher, writer, leader, philosopher and theologian in Jewish history. He was very effective in the development and expression of Judaism and is still relevant today. Maimonides wrote a significant number of books and writings as well as leading a life modelling his Jewish beliefs. His works have been published in many languages.
These written works were accessible to laypersons in a language that could be interpreted and understood. In 1158 he wrote a commentary on the Mishneh in Arabic – the everyday language of Jews living under Muslim rule. This provided accessibility without lengthy Talmudic study for these people.
His works provided a guide for Jewish people. His Thirteen Articles of Faith provide the principal beliefs of Judaism and are referenced in the Siddur (Jewish Prayer Book).
His ‘Guide to the Perplexed’ contributed enormously to the history of philosophy of the Middle Ages as well as the rational development of Judaism. Moses Maimonides believed that a knowledge of the Torah should not provide a person with income. So while living in Cairo he became a physician and in 1185 physician to the Sultan. During this time he wrote ten medical books in Arabic. These books and others were considered great contributions to the development of Judaism in his time and to the present.
The Mishneh Torah was very effective, assisting in both the development and expression of Judaism. It provided the full range of