Essay about Mosh Pit

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When most people hear the words mosh pit what normally goes through people’s heads are wild, crazy, and dangerous. Yes mosh pits are wild and crazy and can be dangerous at times but that doesn’t stop people from having a really fun time. Mosh pits shouldn’t be ban by the city because they are a great experience, entertaining, and for some people a hobby and passion. A lot of people who disagree with this side of the argument will say how dangerous and harmful mosh pits are to people. The truth is that people have the choice to go and participate in a mosh pit will full knowledge of what might happen. If someone is afraid of them and doesn’t like mosh pits then they should stay away from them. Just like some people swim, and other paint, some people go to mosh pits. Being a part of a mosh pit isn’t just a thrill but it’s a hobby for some. Banning mosh pits is like taking away a hobby that people love, just because other people don’t like it. That just don’t seem right or fair to the people who love mosh pits. For the people who hate mosh pits, they don’t have to be a part of it what so ever. A lot of concerts and things of that nature allow festival seating that allows a mosh pit area. If people know this then don’t know have to be around it.
In conclusion banning mosh pits would be ridiculous because it’s a choice driven act for people to attend them, it’s a hobby for a lot of people and it’s a fun exiting thing to get involved in. Banning mosh pits would take