Most Dangerous Game Conflict Analysis

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Most Dangerous Game Conflicts

In most stories the conflict will be mostly external but man vs self is one that will most likely always be in the story. Most dangerous game is a short story that had many different conflicts in it. Three of those different conflicts are man vs man, man vs nature, and man vs self. One of the three conflict is man vs man, which in the story Most Dangerous Game has the main character Rainsford fighting against General Zaroff. Rainsford is hunted down by Zaroff and he has to last three nights or he will die. Towards the middle of the story Zaroff lets loose hounds that he has so they can help him find Rainsford. At the end Rainsford is in Zaroff room and kills him. The man vs man in this was more or less a cat and mouse game. Second of the three conflicts is man vs nature, which is when
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When Rainsford fell off the boat he told himself to stay calm and find a place to swim to. Later, when Rainsford found out that Zaroff hunted humans for sport he did not want to angry Zaroff by saying how he did not like what he was doing and regret it later. Finally when Rainsford was in a tree he had to breath slow and quietly or Zaroff would hear him and be able to shoot him from a branch on the tree. Man vs self is one of the main conflicts in most stories because of the way we can relate to how a character might feel and Most Dangerous Game gave it that with the character Rainsford. Most Dangerous Game has conflicts that are overwhelming positive for the type of problems the characters have to face in order to succeed or live in Rainsford case. All three conflicts are equally important in making the story more real and horrific for what is going on. Most of this is watching Rainsford struggle to find himself and make sure he does not die, but most people are probably putting themselves in his shoes