Most Importcant Event In My Life Essay

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Life sets out many pathways to decide your future. It can give you experiences and certain experiences in your life can impact you a lot. I came to America from India when I was five years old. This experience has impacted me the most because I live in a brand new country which is not at all like my home, American culture has changed me and that coming to
America has taught me to appreciate what I have.
One of the biggest changes of living in America is the fact that I live in a whole new country that is completely different. If I hadn’t come to America I never would've met my current friends that I have been friends with since I first came. This has impacted me because
I feel like my friends define me. America has a lot of things that India doesn’t, that’s why I think that the things I have experienced here that I wouldn’t be able to in India has really impacted me, I have a passion for some American sports that India doesn’t have, you can say they are a big part of my life. I don’t know how I would live without these sports. The sports I play are soccer, basketball and wrestling. In India it would have been harder to find a team to play those sports in because the national sports in India are sports like cricket or field hockey.
Another thing that will impact me in America later on is the fact that I have so much more opportunity here than in India. There is an endless list of things I can have as a profession while in India it is limited and I don’t have the kind of resources like I would in America. The fact that I have a better chance to be successful in America will impact me a lot in the future.
A way that moving to America has impacted me is that the fact that the American culture has changed me completely. One obvious reason why American culture has changed me is that the fact that I am speaking English right now. Learning English took me awhile and
I am proud that I can say I can speak it fluently, after the process of learning the English language has influenced or impacted me to think of myself as an “American” and to me that is very important. American culture has impacted me because if I hadn’t integrated to American

culture I wouldn’t of been a