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is it coast effective? What the Manufacturer should address to implement Kaizen successfully and so on

One of the most important concepts of a Kaizen Event is that “If there is No Action, there can be No
Success.” The goal is not a 100% solution that solves all the problems at one time, rather a
70% solution that can be accomplished in a few days with the intent to hold another event in
Few months that further improves the processes. The improvement does have to be perfect
At the first time, rather is the process better today than it was the day before. During Events, strive for “base hits,” not “home runs” with a “no idea being a bad idea” philosophy. Look for ways to make it happen.

Quick, simple and low-cost is better than slow, complicated and expensive. Utilize what exists in the facility or off the shelf purchases to implement the new
Improvement quickly. A Kaizen Event is not a license to spend and improvements should be accomplished with very little expenditure. The essence of a Kaizen Event is making improvements with what you have – use existing tools, machines, materials, space, etc. Overall emphasis is placed on creating solutions and improvements with existing assets. As a result,
Kaizen Events are a very cost-effective method to create dramatic improvements in processes.

Develop pre- and post- Kaizen activities. Use a check list and communicate Kaizen events with all participants and anyone involved. For example, use a SMED Kaizen for a selected machine. The check list should include increase in production inventory four weeks prior to the start of Kaizen and availability of maintenance employees to support the Kaizen team

Introducing some rules during brainstorming - One person speaks at a time. Let everyone’s imagination go wild. Look at the problem from different angles. No idea is bad idea. Don’t