Motavations of War Throughout the Ages Essay

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The people of the ancient world had many of the same reasons for going to war as the people in the 1860’s, as well as several different reasons. Both groups went to war over slaves and slavery. The ancients went to war to get prisoners to become slaves, while the Americans in the 1860’s went to war to either keep or abolish slavery. Pride was also a motivation for going to war in both cases. The Egyptians, for example, went to war to show that they were strong and shouldn’t be messed with, to send a message to their enemies. The Confederates went to war to show that they were steadfast and determined and that the North shouldn’t take away their slaves just because the North didn’t need any. Rebellions also started wars for both groups, but with different motivations. For instance, the Romans were known to crush their rebellious subjects, while the Union just wanted to keep the country together. Finally, power was a major subject that both groups of people fought over. The ancients fought over it constantly to determine who was in control while the Americans fought to just keep everyone in check so no one became too powerful. In terms of differences, the ancients fought over land to gain control of vast empires with plenty of resources, such as the conquests of Sargon. The ancients also fought to acquire wealth, such as the Egyptians conquest of Nubia for the gold. Finally, the ancients fought over religion constantly, such as when the Jews in Canaan launched a