Mother and Gender Expectations Essay

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In society since long ago, there has been gender expectations that have impacted the lives of many people such as myself. The questions still remains, "Is it nature or nurture that causes people to have gender expectations"? Growing up the youngest of three children, and the only girl! It was expected of me to take on duties around the house that my other siblings didn't have to tend to, such as cooking and the laundry. While on the other hand the yard work and fixing things around the house was chores that only boys/men could do. My father was always committed to providing for the family. My dad, even in the midst of being a hard worker always found found time to be an awesome dad! He was raised with thirteen siblings on a farm. I must say he knew what it meant to work, cook, clean and have fun. When it came to raising his children there was a balance. My mother’s upbringing was in church. Growing up I had known my mother to be the churches administrator, she really didn't have too many other skills and certainly not ant formal education. Aside from school and fun activities with my father my brothers and I spent a lot of our days in church. My parents didn't really push education. We were told that as long as we had a trade that would be suitable. As I grew older and wiser now a mother of three girls I now understand the expectations that society places as well as the gender expectations of my upbringing and how they relate to me. I took on the personality of my father. I've always been a provider. At the early age of fifteen I got my first job. I've been a hard worker ever since. By the time I entered my senior year in high school I was also attending cosmetology school. After graduating from high school I also graduated from cosmetology school heading towards my career as a hairstylist until present (22 years by the way). Within that time marriage and kids came into play not allowing me the time to dedicate to myself. Even though I was married and my ex- husband worked I always felt like I was the head provider. The take charge always brainstorming individual, that was me. I didn't grow up poor in my opinion, however I wanted my children to have and experience more than me.