Mother and Person Essay

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One study, published in the Journal of Basic and Applied Psychology, found that 60% of people had lied at least once during a 10 minute conversation between two strangers. The subjects lied almost 3 times in a 10 minute conversation. Lying is bad because a person can lose a friend, lose someone’s trust, and it can become addictive. Lying can be hurtful to others. A person tells her friend a very important secret and that friend goes around and starts telling her best friend. It won’t be a secret anymore, then everyone starts talking about it. Most probably, that person wouldn’t want to be interested in being his or her best friend anymore. Lying to a friend or even losing a friend, can be very hurtful for anyone. Persons can lose someone’s trust in many ways, by lying. Lying can lead to emotionally hurting someone. Even in a relationship, it doesn’t even have to be between a girlfriend/boyfriend but it can even be with parents. For example, a person starts telling their mother lies and lies, and then eventually when that person is actually saying the truth, his or her mom or dad my not believe them. Lying can also become addictive. A person can start with a little lie which leads to a bigger lie. Sometimes a person can even start forgetting about what lie he or she told one person or the other and then it starts getting complicated. Can sometimes lead to some psychological help, to try to control the lying. Losing a friend, losing someone’s trust and becoming