Mother Daughter Relationships

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The relationship between a mother and daughter, perhaps could be the best lifelong relationship a daughter could have a loving, compassionate unbreakable bond between a mother and daughter. Unfortunately, not all mother and daughter relationships start that way. Analyzing the relationships between mother and daughter in the stories Every Day use by Alice Walker, Two Kind by Amy Tan and I Stand Here Ironing, by Tillie Olsen are full of wars between mother and daughter. Certain arguments and situations made in the literature reflect conflicts in which readers can familiarize to in todays society.
For example, in I Stand Here Ironing main character in the story is a young single hard working mother struggling to raise her daughter Emily. A mother
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Ni kan narrates her frustration over being the only child of a Chinese immigrant whose American dream was about becoming rich and famous. However, Ni kan’a mother seemed to lay all her hopes on Ni kan always pressuring her to become someone important in life, perhaps wanting her to become someone she always wanted to be. As a result, Ni Kan becomes angry at life and her mother “You want me to be someone that I am not” (246). Although this may be true Ni Kan is narrating her perspective to the story, the reader can bring it nto consideration if Ni kan’s mother behavior and motives. Perhaps Ni Kan’s mother did not mean no harm to her. She is just a Chinese immigrant who has had a rough life “she had come here1949 after losing everything in China: her mother and father, her family home, her first husband, and two daughters, twin baby girls” (240) just wanting a better life her daughter pushing her because she knew had it in her. Furthermore, in Everyday Use Walker the conflict is between mamma and two very different sisters Maggie and Wangero. Mama narrates compares both sisters Maggie is timid, scared, and shy. Different form Wangero proud, smart, and in someway evil. The reader could assume Wangero had some to do with the fire to the old house “I see her standing off under the sweet gum tree she used dig gum out of” “Why don’t you do a dance around the ashes? I’d wanted to ask