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Tino Alvarez Diverse Identities Professor Chuck Hill 3/9/15 Mother Tongue The reading
Mother Tongue was a very interesting story of a writer Amy Tan and her experiences as a young professional getting in the field of short story writing. She begins by giving a little personal story on how she became to love the English language and why she wanted to pursue what she might believe be her weakest subject. Amy loves the power language and how it can evoke emotion, visual image, a complex idea or a simple truth. She believes that when she speaks to her mother that it can be seen as different sort of english that relates to family talk. Many of her experiences came with her mother who spoke broken English, or a direct translation of “Chinese to English”. Some of those experiences involved Amy’s mom not being taken seriously or Amy having to be the one to speak on her behalf. Amy believed that her mother’s English had an effect on limited possibilities of life, but she did not let that stop her.
She became rebellious and enjoyed a challenge of disproving any assumptions of her. People stereotype the Chinese as only being good at math and usually become engineers or accountants, but rarely do you see any Asian American going into creative writing. Since Amy’s mom had limited English, she was treated as not being competent or other negative perceptions of her and her culture. I would relate Amy’s life as if she were living a double life