Mothers Against Drunk Driving Case Study

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving, otherwise known as MADD, is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to put an end to drunk driving. This organization was founded in 1980 by Candy Lightner. Lightner was a victim of drunk driving when her daughter, Cari Lightner, was killed by a drunk driver who was a repeat offender. Shortly after her daughter was killed, she developed MADD to raise awareness of drunk driving. Another goal of MADD was to fight for tougher laws against offenders. In the months after her daughter’s accident, Lightner joined forces with another drunk driving victim, Cindi Lamb. Her daughter was also involved in a drunk driving accident and was left paralyzed. The duo went to Washington, D.C. to further their cause. Before founding MADD, Lightner had never been involved in politics. She was not even …show more content…
Typically, non-profit organizations keep about 90% of the money that their own chapter makes. In MADD’s case, they claim every cent made by all of their chapters around the country. For example, the Las Vegas chapter raised $129,000 and turned it all over to the national office of MADD. In return, they received a check for $1.29 as its share. The Las Vegas chapter president referred to MADD’s national committee as “bloodsuckers.” On MADD’s national website, supporters are asked to give locally. This might make a person think that their money will go directly to help in their area of residence. Although, in reality, all money raised goes to the national office rather than to the local community. Mothers Against Drunk Driving had a primary, important goal when it was first started in 1980. The goal was to put an end to drunk driving and all the pain and suffering that it caused. Unfortunately, the organization has become neo-prohibitionist and seems to only be concerned about money. What began as a non-profit run by caring and loving mothers has become nothing but a selfish