Essay Motion Picture Association of America Film Rating System and Movie Information Slide

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You have been hired to promote new movies at your school for the local theatre. Your task is to make an interactive PowerPoint that advertises 8 movies and provide information about each movie on a separate slide. Use the following criteria for creating your presentation.. Find an Internet site that has a listing of the current movies playing in local theaters. You may only use movies and pictures that are rated PG-13 and under. No pictures should have inappropriate content. All movies should have a release date in the year 2014. Create a title slide that has a word art title Now Playing on slide 1. Add footer with your name, now playing to all slides. On slide 2, provide a list in a table format the 8 movies you have chosen. After you have created the slide for each movie (see specific directions below), hyperlink each movie to the slide created for that movie. Create a movie information slide for each of the 8 movies you selected. On each movie slide, add phrases, pictures, or interesting points about the movie that would entice a person to go see the movie. You should include the title of the movie, the rating of the movie, and a picture that represents the movie. Add an Action Button on the information slides that will take you back to slide 2. Add an Action Button on each Film Rating Slide that takes you to the particular movie you are revealing the ratings for. Play your presentation to make sure all links are working links and the action buttons are linking…