Essay about Motivated or Am I Just Awesome?

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Motivation or Am I Just Awesome?
By: Veronica Acevedo

In High School I didn’t really pay much attention to good grades or being at school every day like I should have. I went through my freshman and sophomore year not giving a care at all, so I didn’t have a lot of credits. During the summer I found out I was pregnant, going into my junior year and I only had 7 ½ credits. I had a lot of work to catch up on and with a baby on the way oh man it was a hassle to deal with preparation of a baby and getting caught up on school work. I regret not focusing on the important things and not being a better student. I had so many people at school doubt me saying I would drop out and haters saying rude things about my life. All I wanted to do was just give up because I was already so far behind and pregnant too oh mann I was going crazy! But thankfully my momma knew what it was like to have a child young she didn’t get to finish school, she got married young and became a stay at home mom and as great as she is, I didn’t want to be like that.
If I could I would have went back to my freshman year and changed all that. My main goal after knowing I was going to have a baby was to graduate on time and making my parents proud because even though I got pregnant at 15 and became a young mom I knew it was time to get my priorities straight

And shape up. I wanted nothing more than to graduate high school and to be able to tell my baby girl that even though I wasn’t prepared to be a mom, if it weren’t for the fact that I was blessed with her, I mostly likely wouldn’t have gotten my stuff together because my motivation was her. I did everything for her and to be able to go to college to get myself a good education, get myself a good career and to set a great example for my daughter so that she knows mommy’s a go-getter. I’ll accomplish anything I can even with a child because if I set my mind on it best believe I’ll do it. But now it’s not just for me but for me n her and regardless of how hard things get, I got it covered!
After I had Jade during my senior year I missed two weeks of school because of labor and I went back right after to get back to school work so that I wouldn’t fall more behind and I could finish up my credit recovery. Having a newborn baby in the house and trying to focus on studying and getting…