Motivating Employees Essay

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Motivating Employees
Today many forms of motivation are used in the work place to get employees to be motivated in doing their tasks at work. When talking about motivating employees you are talking about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Each one of these forms of motivation works in its own way to get the employee to accomplish whatever task that needs to be done.
Intrinsic motivation is defined as the form of motivation that comes from within a person and not from money or any other form of reward. Someone that is intrinsic motivated will do something because they love doing whatever the task is and want to finish the task. Although someone is intrinsic motivated, understand that by no means that it means that the individual would not seek out what is considered an external reward such as money, prizes, or a payment of some sort. A good example of someone who is intrinsic motivated would be a parent. The reason why I say this, is because a parent accomplishes many tasks without expecting to be thanked or receiving an external reward.
Extrinsic motivation is defined as the form of motivation that does come from an outside source such as money, prizes, or rewards. There are many forms of external rewards and they can be very simple to very extreme. Once again though this does not mean that an individual who is pushed by an external reward does not love what they are doing. I have to use myself as an example. I do my job as a night counselor because I enjoy getting a