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How to Motivate Your Employees Without Pay

Carrieanne Larmore
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Even though providing employees with financial incentives is a common way for managers to try to motivate them, there are other ways that do not cost the organization money. While employees always appreciate increases in their pay or bonuses, it is not always an effective method of motivation for every type of employee.
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Recognize accomplishments or good work publicly. Having their hard work recognized not only by management but also by the rest of the organization is an effective method for motivating employees. Some ways to accomplish this include sending out a weekly email to all members of the team to update them on the progress of projects and then listing achievements made by particular team members. In addition, the company can recognize employees on its internal blog, which can be posted in employee break rooms as well. * 2
Foster a positive and supportive corporate culture. Provide employees with a positive atmosphere in which collaboration and supporting each other is encouraged. When employees are cheering each other on, supporting each other when help is needed or recognizing the hard work of others, they are motivated to work harder and challenge each other. * 3
Provide employees with career goals. Meet with each person to see what her career goals and objectives are. Compare her goals with her work performance to come up with goals for her to accomplish so she can qualify one day for her ideal position. When employees feel they can work their way up, they are more motivated to work harder, unlike those who feel they are in a dead end job. * 4
Encourage open communication between management and employees. Managers must be open to their employees about changes that are made, why they ask certain things from their employees that may appear unreasonable or why something they want done is important and necessary. If employees do not understand why