Essay on Motivation and Stress

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Massage Envy Spa is a rising franchise business in the massage and wellness industry. The company delivers wellness services to the public at a considerable cost. The company has nearly 800 locations in the United States and Canada; it is considered the largest massage therapy franchise system continuing it's growth and development. Obtaining a franchise of any type, entails a great amount of passion, dedication and persistence. After all those characteristics are in place and ownership is granted, there is a substantial amount of responsibility and a set of leadership and managerial skills that need to take place. Owning a Massage Envy Spa franchise can be a personal and professional rewarding experience. As a franchise owner, you may encounter barriers along the way, some of which may be overcame by remaining motivated, managing stressors and developing the skills to address nonverbal and cultural barriers to communication within the company.

Motivation, Stress and Communication

Massage Envy Spa is the largest and growing franchise within the massage therapy industry, with nearly 800 locations in the United States and Canada. The franchise was recently categorized under the wellness category of wellness with their new addition of spa treatments. They offer a quality experience to the public at a considerable cost. Massage Envy Spa owners have been successful at offering a membership-driven program with over one million massage sessions per month (Massage Envy Day Spa Business Plan). Massage Envy Spa has been nationally recognized and rewarded for its success by "Entrepreneur Magazine, Franchise 500 ranked #64 in 2011, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked 49th Fastest Growing Franchise in 2011, Inc. 500/5000 ranked #137 and #2331 respectively in 2011 and AllBusiness ranked #23 out of 300 Best of the Best 2011." (Massage Envy Day Spa Business Plan) "The franchise's margins and attractive returns with average annual unit volume of more than $1.2 million with a total investment of $352,000 - $569,000, including franchise fee.” (Massage Envy Day Spa Business Plan)
My newly developed a passion for massage therapy could be successfully complemented by owning a Massage Envy Spa. The franchise's unprecedented growth, reputation and high quality services offered caught my attention on becoming a franchise owner. A Massage Envy Spa owner had the title of CEO, and it is responsible for the operations of the Spa entirely. Understanding roles and responsibilities as a business owner is part of preparing you to have a rewarding and successful career and business. Although, the role of a business owner could be rewarding and it could also bring a large amount of stressors. As a business owner, you have all the responsibilities of the company, all under one hat.
These roles and responsibilities operations include Massage Envy Spa projects, assignment of roles, and employees. Moreover, as an owner of a franchise you are also responsible to practice operations with the law requirements, ensuring that employees are being hired legally and that contracts are legally performed. You will also be a business planner, ensuring "Massage Envy Spa" strategies as follow in accordance with your contract with the company and that all their goals are met as well as yours. "Making the plan, executing it, following up and controlling it" are all part of the business owner as a planner (Small Business Guidance, n.d.). Researching and analyzing your business are also responsibilities of a business owner. Although Massage Envy Spa already has a standardized method for the target market, it is good to be informed and aware of this method to be able to be executed successfully, in accordance with the company’s needs. One of the responsibilities of a business owner is to ensure the process of marketing, advertising and sales have a good turnout. These tools help with the acquisition of