Motivation and Ted Bundy Essay

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Ted Bundy Theory
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We all are not one of the same.

Theodore Bundy was a serial killer who terrorized the nation from 1974 until his final capture in 1979. He was said to be an all American boy but also had a brutal killer side, that he kept well hidden, who raped and killed an untold number of women across the country. Bundy was responsible for 30 murders and rapes of young women and girls. He confessed to 30 murders, but authorities believe the true number of victims totaled over 100. His death was celebrated by many on January 24, 1989. Bundy claims he was not an inherent monster in his final hours and he said in a sincere way that he felt as if he was possessed in some way and driven to get this unreachable about of satisfaction each time he committed a murder. I believe Ted Bundy was affected by the drive-reduction theory. The drive-reduction theory states that some physiological need occurs that creates a state of tension which in turn motivates you to reduce the tension or satisfy the need; the idea that a physiological need creates an aroused state that drives the organism to reduce the need. We have biological needs that demand satisfaction. In our everyday life we experience drives and needs. As humans, we have a need for water. The tension created is that you feel thirsty when you need water, and this turns into a motivation to get rid of your thirst or drink water. However, motivations and events affect individuals uniquely and can lead to what a person will amount to or become in the future. Reasons and this can make up the characteristics of said person. Ted Bundy claims he was molded by porn and had really strong needs and desires because of what it made him become. As a young boy at 12, Bundy first got interested with pornography. He saw your local stores “soft porn” and decided to explore. The availability for this was really low coming from a good Christian family. Bundy would occasionally find it around his neighborhood and it affected him in a way that most people don’t understand. He kept searching for it and looking at more graphic literature and movies. He became addicted. He still wanted more; as he got older he looked at even more graphic and violent sexual media. This got to the point in which even pornographies had a line that they did not cross, but he still wanted more. I believe he sat at this stage in which he was unsatisfied by the porn for a while and the desire to satisfy his need was greatly increased. The stronger force of the inter-demon caused Ted to insert himself physically into the satisfaction of his desires. Ted then turned to violet murders of women and some young girls to fulfill his need. This wanting of more, forced him to act upon it. The more Bundy killed, the more aggressive the killings became. I believe that Ted Bundy became unsatisfied and had to keep finding new ways to fulfill his desires in different ways. He did this by finding new and more violet methods of