Motivation: Motivation and daily Bases Essay

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Motivation, as defined by Webster is the act of motivating (Merriam – Webster online). We are all motivated by five different approaches that include the following: Intrinsic, personal motivations that drive the individual to do something whether or not there is a reward. Extrinsic, drive a person to do something because of a reward. Instinct, biologically determined innate patterns of behavior. Need, a requirement of some material that is essential for survival. Drive reduction, theory approach to motivation that assumes behavior arises from physiological needs that cause internal drives to push the organism to satisfy the need and reduce tension and arousal. Motivation drives you to move forward and cause you to do the things that do. We are all motivated by something in life. I often tell my co-workers that my children motivate me to come to work each day. I keep a picture of them at my desk, and when the job becomes stressful. I often start to question why I am there. I look at their picture and it brings it all homes for me. This is what motivates me on a daily bases. We are all motivated by something whether it is money, power, success or family. We all have something that makes us continue to move forward in life. As a student the thing that motivates me the most is obtaining my degree and providing a better life for my three boys. This would be my positive emotion. I am a single parent, full-time student and I have full-time job. I often want to quit school on a daily bases. It is very hard to motivate myself sometimes to complete a discussion question or an assignment, however I think of the ends justifying the means overcomes all the stress and lack of