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Task 1

There are many different things that can motivate people; every persons motivation can be different, for example:

Challenges of a new task
Wanting to do well
Constant learning
Keeping busy
Not wanting to let people down
Progression prospects
Increased customer satisfaction (internal & external)
Drive to want to do the best you can do to your ability
Money increases
A new purchase!
Meeting new people

All of these things can be motivators for different people.

Motivators can be put into 4 categories

Physiological – Water, food things that are necessity to survive
Safety – Freedom, comfort things that make us feel secure and safe
Love – Acceptance, being part of a team
Esteem – Important projects, recognition
Self actualisation – Personal development

Other theories are:

Hygiene factors things that may not motivate but may cause unhappiness if not met and motivating factors that encourage people to work harder.

The most motivating technique within our team is recognition and being part of a successful team. I selected the model of Esteem and Self- actualisation, as we are a young team with drive and ambition.

We are unable to control pay and bonuses but we are able to progress and give 110% making us feel motivated and gives a sense of Self- actualisation.

This was implemented by giving praise and recognition when a member of the team is working hard and achieving goals and objectives.

Task 2

Personal reviews are carried out 6 monthly and between these PRs objectives are discussed and set

Identifying the objectives:

Key objectives are given by the Directors examples

Maximise profit
Increase sales
Increase customer satisfaction
Reduce customer complaints
Increase line efficiency
Reduce Waste
Increase storage space

These are fed through from Director to Manager then through Manager to employees by Personal Reviews, Monthly and weekly meetings conveying information from the top to the bottom.

My performance objectives:

Increase sales
Increase Customer satisfaction
Reduce complaints

What do they need to achieve the objectives do they have the correct skills, need more training, coaching, motivating,

Monitoring performance is done by how well the objectives are being achieved. If employees…