Motivation: Sampling and Ordinal Nutrition Level Essay

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What Makes Teens Unmotivated
Topic: Academic motivation level
Population: SCS
Purpose: The purpose of this study is to determine if the following factors influences a teenager’s motivation levels: grade, gender, academic pathways, time spent on phone and computer, nutrition levels, plans for the future, hours spent working, amount of sleep per week, drug/alcohol habits, self-perceived motivation levels, and importance of schoolwork.
Type of Variable
Studied Variable
Hours spent sleeping
Grade, hours spent working per week, Time spent on phone and computer
Nutrition level, self-perceived motivation level, drug/alcohol habits
Gender, academic pathways, importance of schoolwork.
Conducting sampling methods
Systematic: of all the students listed in alphabetical order, every 20th student is selected
Stratified: Students of each grade are divided by gender. Then 10% of each gender in a grade is selected.
Multistage: 10 students from each homeroom class are randomly chosen, and then 50% of that group are selected randomly.
Cluster: 5 students are randomly selected from each homeroom, all are surveyed.
1. What grade are you in currently? Circle one.
9 10 11 12
2. Circle your gender.
Male Female Other
3. Check each post-secondary plan that applies to you.

4. How many hours do you spend on your phone and computer per week? Circle one.
0-10 11-20 21- 30 31-40 41+

5. Rate your self-perceived nutrition level on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is very poor and 5 is very healthy. Circle one.
1 2 3 4 5

6. How many hours do you spend working per week? Circle one.
0-8 9-16 17-24 25+

7. How often do you drink alcohol? Circle one
Not at all On occasion An average amount Often Very Frequently

8. How much sleep do you get per week? ________

9. Rank the top three activities