Motivation Theories Essay

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Motivation Theories
Murray's influential motivation theory is the most agreeable for me. I believe that people are motivated by several different influences throughout life, each of which are working harmoniously concurrent with our environments. The motivation in life for one person is likely very different than another person close to them, it is very dependent on what each individual is working toward. With that same idea, it is possible for two people working toward the same goal to be doing so for different reasons, thus their motivations may be different. Within the theory of influential motivation, there are several types of motivation, each of which is based on some form of motivation. The idea that personal goals are closely related to a person's psychological well-being underlines the ideals of Murray's influential motivation theory.
Freud's view of psychoanalytic motivation is one that I, as well as seemingly many others, do not agree with. Under this school of thought, motivation is based in unconscious sexual and aggressive drives powered by the complex intrapsychic conflicts that arise in daily life (McAdams, 2009). Freud's representation that motivation is based in the ego is also something that seems incorrect. By the use of defense mechanisms, which according to Freud, are the ego's way of distorting the reality of things going on around us. To me, this shows that the ego is more likely to distort reality, thus blur the idea that motivation could be based