Motivation: Want and Rhonda Essay

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Cameron Frazier
Prof. South
Intro to Business
22 October 2014
Rhonda is a good worker but isn’t motivated. I’ve tried giving her money but that doesn’t seem to work. I guess I’m going to have to go to plan B. I will try to motivate her by satisfying her social, esteem, and self-actualization needs.
Employees like to feel apart of the business interact with others. No one wants to be alone at a desk all day and be away from his or her co-workers. They like the social aspect of work. One way to I can motivate Rhonda is assign her to group projects. Let her do jobs with the other employees. I could also have a company lunchroom where everyone, including Rhonda, can sit down and eat lunch together.
Employees also have the need for respect from others. They also like to have a status and be recognized for their efforts. One way I can motivate Rhonda is by acknowledging her work and giving her praise. If she does a good job on something ill make sure she knows that. Also, if she is doing extremely well, I could promote her to manager or a position higher than she is now.
Lastly, employees need to realize their full potential. Sometimes employees are very good but based on the work that they do they never realize it. One way I can motivate Rhonda is by giving her more challenging and creative jobs. If Rhonda is able to do difficult jobs that involve her being creative then she will realize how good she is at her job and actually want to come in and work.…