Motivational Guru Shawn Anderson Offers Tips to Escape the Funk Essay examples

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Motivational Guru Shawn Anderson Offers
Tips to Escape the Funk
Top-selling Author and Speaker Shawn Anderson asks, "Why Not Live the Life You Love?"
LOS ANGELES, CA, September 18, 2014 /PressReleasePing/ - Motivational author and speaker
Shawn Anderson has a mission of empowering one million people to lead a more positive and purposeful life. Often that means helping others escape what he calls the “funk.”“We can fall into routines that strangle the passion from our lives,” Anderson states.“When that happens, we walk through life in a funk until one day we’re hit with the realization ‘I wasted my life!’”
Recognized for having interviewed hundreds of people who have re-defined their lives after experiencing tragedy or failure, Anderson shares three funk-escaping tips to help people once again live a life they love.

TIP #1: Choose to quit living in a funk.
“If you’re unhappy with your life, look in the mirror. You created your life dissatisfaction, and you can un-create it, too,”
Anderson states.“Want out of the rut? Quit making excuses, pointing fingers, and waiting for a hero to rescue you out of your funk. Be your own hero.”

TIP #2: Don’t expect overnight miracles.
“It's impossible to reinvent yourself over night. Massive change just doesn’t happen that way,”
Anderson states.“But transformation does happen when we take small steps towards change daily.
Single change steps daily add up to big changes eventually.”
TIP #3: Don’t wait for the perfect moment.
“Waiting for the perfect scenario to unfold before we make changes only prolongs our existence in the rut,” Anderson states.“Don’t wait for the stars to fall into perfect alignment. Live and live now because tomorrow may never happen.”
The author of six motivational books, including Amicus 101: A Story About the Pursuit of Purpose and