Motivational: Health Care and San Bernardino Essay

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How can I effectively communicate to achieve my purpose?
As your new mayor I will encourage the people of San Bernardino to have regular checkups so they can constantly be aware of what is going on with their health. I have devised a very beneficial plan to help the community and the nursing program at Cal State San Bernardino. I aim to set up free clinics around the city for the people of our community to go to. It will be very helpful to the residents of San Bernardino that cannot afford health care and will be free and efficient. These clinics will also allow nurses in training at Cal-State to get a hands-on experience on what the nursing field will be like and allow them to further their education if they do decide to volunteer at the clinics.
The reason I am doing this is because I am well aware of a good majority of our residents in San Bernardino that do not have enough money for health insurance. The fear of the cost of a medical bill should be no excuse for our people not to seek medical attention. I am here to change that because our health is very important issue that should be put first. One of the best ways we can keep our city sanitary is by giving people the medical attention they deserve regardless of the fact that they do not have health insurance.
Nurses will constantly be evaluated on what they are doing. They will get one-on-one training with their educators and they will constantly have a professional with them, so the patient will feel secure