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Motivational Plan Essay
Douglas C. Soles
Grand Canyon University: EDA 575
January 12, 2011

There are five basic theories of motivation. 1) Self-determination theory states that people have three basic needs. 2) Attribution theory wants to know why things happen. 3) Expectancy-value theory is interested in a person’s beliefs about abilities. 4) Social cognitive theory states that human behavior comes from their attributes. 5) Goal orientation theory wants to know the reasons for doing tasks.
Self-Determination Theory The self-determination theory states that people have three basic needs. A need for autonomy, which is to feel a sense of self-directedness, the need to feel competent, and
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The goal orientation theory wants to know the students’ reasons for doing academic tasks. There are two goals: mastery goals and performance goals. Mastery goals are tasks that truly master the material. Performance goals are tasks that demonstrate the ability. The theorists also look at approach and avoidance goals. Approach goals are positive motivation. Avoidance goals are negative motivation. Students with mastery goals are looking to improve their competence. Mastery goals have been associated with increased effort. Mastery-focused classrooms are discussions that encourage all students to participate. Students who use mastery goals are often critical thinkers. Students who use performance goals are using cognitive skills. These are the five theories of motivation. They are used by educators everywhere. By understanding them, teachers can help encourage positive motivation and help the students achieve the best education possible.


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