Essay about Motor Skill and Functional Area

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Competency Goal 2: Statement
Directions: Use the form on the next page. Any areas in black remain as they are. The areas in red are where you need to put in your work. The red gives you direction as to what you need to do. Once you have made it your own please make it black. When you are complete the writing that you did should add up to between 400-500 words. . (do not count small words like “I”, “a”, “and”, and “the”). Write total number of words in the bottom left corner of the paper. Write in the first person “I”.
You will need to write each Functional area in your own words and then complete the “I do this by” section with at least 3 bulleted points. You may need more points to get to between 475 and 500 words.

Competency Goal II
To advance physical and intellectual competence.

Functional Area 4: Physical Children are to have at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. This would allow the children to strengthen their muscles and use their large motor skills. I would also join in with the children as they are playing.
I do this by:
1. Allowing the children to play outside, with different toys like balls, jump rope, hula hoops and we can play different games such as tag, racing and etc.
When we are inside the center we play parachute, beanbag toss, duck duck goose, and exercising.
3. I would also talk to the children to let them know why it is so important to have physical activities each day. This is also something that I would advise the parents on.
Functional Area 5: Cognitive
1. I would support the children developing cognitive skills by encouraging them to problem solve and make guesses. For example, we can take ice, and place it in the sun, and watch it melt.
2. We can talk about why the ice melted. We would ask different questions and then problem solve.
3. I would place new activities in different centers that will help the children explore and problem solve.
Functional Area 6: Communication
I would assistance children to learn, comprehend, and use words in order to communicate. I would also encourage