How Technology Changed Warfare

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#82: Describe how motor vehicle and airplane technology changed warfare. The constant change with technology has greatly impacted America in many ways, especially in warfare. The earlier American warfare was very old fashioned due to the lack of technology, but with time technology evolved and warfare changed dramatically and has also greatly improved. With newer and more advanced technology, it helped push for stronger and well equipped machinery. The introduction of motor vehicles and airplane technology changed warfare for the better due to the fact that it brought new war techniques, improvements to the army, and many other things.
Violence has made a forever lasting mark throughout history. Technology has dominated warfare since the early 1900s. Because of technology advancements, warfare has dramatically changed making it more efficient and easier for people to fight in battles. Technology is a very important asset especially in fighting wars. From the very first time technology was brought to wars it has helped improve the warfare in America, we are not just much more stronger but as well as more equipped. Having the amount of supplies and material we have today has changed the outcome of the ears fought. It was a major help for defeating enemies. Wars were set out to achieve by defeating the enemy, the strongest and most powerful side were the ones who were defeating the weak which were the winners. In order to be the strongest and powerful, the side would need better strategies and better weapons to do so. With technology constantly improving, we are finding more and more ways to improve our machinery. New machinery was a great advantage with fighting the enemies. New weapons, transportation, and information are some very big examples of what our society has improved.
Technology and motor vehicles were not brought on until later on for America. In the earlier centuries it was difficult for men to fight simply because they lacked a lot of things. For one, everything was done through human power. With the lack of supplies, armies consistently found themselves in difficulties. There is only so much human power can do. Human power can not fight against swords or riffles. Not just implying with warfare but as well as everyday living. Early battles had relied greatly on the power that the men had. Also, the size of the army heavily impacted the chances of the goals that they needed to achieve. Since the motor vehicles were not around in the earlier times, fighting battles were extremely difficult for some. It was all dependent on the strength and number of people fighting. Transportation was brought by either the horses or mules, sometimes they even had to travel long amount of land by foot. They depended on the horses’ strength in order to travel and carry their equipment. They had nothing but sticks, rocks and spears for weapons. "The outcome of the vast majority of battles, however, continued to be determined by energy considerations because the technology for effectively leveraging energy by information was as yet unavailable." (Singer and Rowell).
Another main issue was protection from the enemies. Back in the day, the battles took place in little battlefields that had no coverage. They all fought in plain sight, making it very dangerous for them because they were very vulnerable for harm and it was also harder to win. The more space they had, the more chances they had of any possible injuries. This made it very difficult because while they try to fight they have to constantly think about covering each other and the time they spent trying to get from place to place took away a lot of time they couldn't afford of wasting. This was very difficult for the men fighting, worrying not only about protection but also about mobility. Because of this, "missions are typically poorly defined, complex, difficult and dangerous." (Wheatley). They had to fight till the very end, waiting till the opposing team eventually