Mountain Man Short Story

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Is it worth it? ­ Mountain Man Short Story 'Is it worth it?' Is one of the most commonly asked questions that humans would ever come across in their life span, out loud or in their own mind, if it matters or if it doesn't, if it is a genuine question or a rhetorical one. This question is rather vague in some sense, because the answer is always different depending on your opinion and what circumstances you are in.
Most people would say that the common answer to this question would be "yes!" or "of course it is worth it!” and I realize that I have no right to say that the opinion that I am about to state is directed towards a certain individual, and I'm not; however in my experience I have noticed that the most often said answer is "no". Plain and simple, many people do not think that some things are worth their time, but there are some who would fight using their last breath because it would be worth it.

Unfortunately, for Patrick Hyver that statement could not be more literal. Patrick

seemed ­ to an outsider ­ like any other man. I now realize that that sounds like a very common or possibly boring sentence to begin his description with, but it is true, there is no better description for him. Although I suppose that you could also say that he was the most extraordinary man that you would ever meet. That is the problem with leading a double life, no one knows who you are and therefore you don't know who you are. With no one to lean on you begin to develop and outer shell of dead emotions, those of which would eventually seem unnecessary throughout time. Even though all of these virtues seem strange to our eyes, they are of the upmost importance to agents ­ especially agents who are caught in life threatening situations where the mission is