Mountaineer Boulevard Louise: A Short Story

Words: 2688
Pages: 11

While driving down Mountaineer Boulevard Louise was nervous and upset thinking about going to court. Being unsure which would be worse, listening to her husband’s yelling about her drinking or Judge Lucas’s lectures. Pulling into the parking lot and parked, she glanced at Mike sitting in his car. Rolling his eyes, he watched her out of the car, and walked towards him, before he turned on the engine. Opening the door, she noticed the expression on his face, Louise dreaded getting in the car, but she did so as Mike backed out of the parking space without saying a word.
The silence between them was ice-cold as he drove toward the courthouse. While breathing hard, Louis didn’t say a word as tears rolled down her cheeks, “Mike, I can’t handle this.
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Often times, I need something to help me sleep when I get those awful dreams. Remember, I told you about them.”She was hoping he would understand.
“I wish you would get something to help you sleep. How was your meeting?” Wanting to change the subject, he asked.
“It was okay. The mayor’s wife was our speaker and she’s all about caring for animals. The next thing you know she’ll want me to clean up the bird poop off the statues near the governor’s mansion.”Her experience with the mayor’s wife was a disappointment. “I need to survive the next few months before I can apply for a position in the state office of the Women’s Club.”
“Honey, it’s wonderful the mayor’s wife wants to take care of animals, someone should,” Mike said as he thought about the way his family loved and cared for their golden retriever, Buster. When they arrived at the office, he parked in his space, and opened the door for his wife.
“See you later,” he said going into his office and Louise went
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Are you leaving now?” Getting out of the water, Justin asked, picking up his towel and went over where his friend was standing beside his bike
“This afternoon my grandfather is taking me fishing and I don’t want to be late. I’ll see you around,” Kenny said ready to leave.
“I wish I had a grandfather to take me fishing, but all of mine are dead,” Justin whispered with a touch of sadness and envy in his voice. While standing at the edge of the lake ready to dive in the water, he watched his friend ride down the gravel road toward town before he jumped into the water
After a short time, swimming alone was no longer fun Justin got out of the water grabbed his towel and dried off before he hooked it on the side of his bike and started home. Then he decided to take a short cut across the open field to get home sooner, even though it meant going near the old man’s house. While riding along he noticed someone pushing something down the gravel