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Mrs. Conway Victoria Ann Deverson
English April 6, 2015

Movie Assignment

It's a Wonderful Life
December 25, 1946
Frank Capra
Fantasy Drama

Awards Won
Golden Globes, USA
Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain
National Board of Review, USA
National Film Preservation Board, USA
New York Film Critics Circle Awards
Online Film & Television Association
Young Artist Awards

Lead Characters Actors
George Bailey James Stewart
Clarence Odbody Henry Travers
Mr. Potter Lionel Barrymore
Mary Hatch Donna Reed
Violet Bick Gloria Grahame

Character Development and Explanation
George Bailey, A nice looking man with combed back hair and wearing a suit and tie. He and his wife, Mary, have four children, Pete, Janie, Zuzu, and Tommy. People view him as a scrooge, but he has helped numerous amount as people, such as saving his brother from drowning and helping his customers out during the depression. A quotation from George Bailey is “I know-I know, but you just go to sleep, and then you can dream about it, and it'll be a whole garden.”

Mr. Potter, A jerk. He takes the 8000 dollars that was suppose to be for the Building and Loan. He's a crabby old bald scrooge. He knows that the Building and Loan will go Bankrupt and how George will go to jail. One of his quotes are “And Happy New Year to you, in jail! Why don't you go on home? They're waiting for you!”

Movie Plot
a. List and Explain of order of events
~ When George was 12, he saved his brother from drowning in a frozen lake.
~He waits for Harry to graduate highschool, and then takes over the business
~Harry graduates from college and brings home a wife.
~George still owns the Building and Loan association
~World War II breaks out and George cannot enlist due to his bad ear
~Mr. Potter steals the cash funds from Uncle Billy
~George goes to Mr. Potter asking for a loan
~George, depressed and drunk, tries to commit suicide
~Clarence jumps in to pretend to drown, George saves him
~Clarence reveals to George that he's George's guardian angel.
~George scoffs and doesn't believe him and wishes he'd never been born.
~Clarence grants his wish and brings George to show what it'd be like if he was never born
~George wishes that he was alive again, his wish is granted, and runs home.
~George then realizes that he has a wonderful life.
b. List and Explain Conflicts and there Resolutions
~Harry, Georges Younger brother, falls in lake, George saves Harry but loses hearing in his left ear.
~Clarence pretends to drown, George saves him, Clarence reveals to be his guardian angel
~George is sad to see what it would've been like with out him, he prays to be alive again, His wish is granted and he is alive.
c. Explanation of Climax
George is upset about losing the money, goes to Mr. Potter and asks for a loan. Mr. Potter turns him down. Depressed