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Course: English2100t In discussion of hope and fantasy and its severe consequences, two works of literature M Butterfly by David Henry Hwang and Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro provide reader with several revelations. In the play M Butterfly Gallimard is thinking about his fantasy Song Liling. Here Gallimard is a French diplomat. He has family and his own society, besides this he is looking for his expected women. Gallimard found Song Liling in an opera. Day by day he makes a good relationship with Song and finally Song became Gallimard’s Fantasy. As a submissive Asian woman Song play a vital role to prove her love for Gallimard. Finally in the play Gallimard found that Song is a spy and she is a man. As same as in the novel Never Let Me Go the clones have their fantasy. They try to live like other people. As a clone they knows their future that, they have to donate their organs, but their love and expectation make them dreaming about the fantasy beside the real world. In the novel Tommy, Kathy and Ruth is the clone baby. They know that they have to donate their organs, but they have the hope of deferral that if they can proof their real love to the authority and maybe they will get the deferral for three years. Life is full of straggle expectation and obstacles, but our hope, desire, and dream for our better life helps us to go through and overcome those obstacles in the way of our life
When people fall in love, they concentrate more on themselves about their attitude, personality, and appearance. The novel Never Let Me Go and the Play M Butterfly both shows the changes of the characters after falling love with someone. In the novel Never Let Me Go ,In case of Kathy, when she was in Hailsham Tommy gives her a tape about love songs. (Ishiguro 71), we can see “The song was almost over when something made me realize I was not alone, and I open my eyes to find myself staring at Madam farmed in the doorway”. Hear in the novel Kathy was a strong motivated character, but when she falls in love with Tommy, at this part she was dancing with a pillow and she was out of mind that someone is looking at her. Hear it’s easy to configure the change of the whole characters attitude after fall in love with someone. As same as in the play M Butterfly we can see the French diplomat Gallimard was not that much confident about his job, but after fall in love with Chines opera star Song Liling, when Gallimard visits ambassador Toulon’s resident he shocked by hearing the news from the ambassador that (Hwang 32) “scare you? I think I did. Cheer up Gallimard. I want you to replace LeBon as vice-consul”. Again from the Tulon (Hawang 38) “A year ago you would've been out. But the past few months, I don’t know how it happened you've become this new aggressive confident” Hear it shows that Gallimard was not confident about his job. He is a French diplomat but when ambassador Toulon replace him to the LeBon as a vice-consul he was totally confuse about his job. Because Gallimard himself, doesn’t know how he manage the whole matter, but after fall in love the situation change him day by day and makes him more confident than before. For the reason he got the promotion from the ambassador.
There is resentencing behind every desire and people reach their destination by overcoming these resistances. Hear in the novel Never Let Me Go page 128, we can see “‘I’ am in a couple. So if I want to do it, I just do it with Tommy”. Hear Ruth is expecting Tommy as her love. But from the authority Miss Emily warned them that they couldn’t take baby, from the Quote, Ruth has an expectation to have sex with Tommy and get baby but, she try to avoid the rules form the authority. Hear it shows the obstacles behind the big expectation of Ruth that she knows the law but she just try to overcome the obstacle by avoiding the law. As same as in the play M Butterfly, Rene Gallimard has a family, but