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Movie Essay: Despicable Me

Naomi Grace Wang

MGT 650: Organizational Behavior
Instructor: Professor Michael Bejtlich
31 October 2014

Summary of Despicable Me
This film begins with a scene that a boy accidentally revealed a crime: the stolen pyramid! This crime was made by a villain but not by the main character, Gru, who always wants to be the biggest villain of the world. Therefore, Gru decided to be the biggest criminal by doing something really bad: To steal the Moon! While designing and completing this task, Gru faced tons of difficulties including financial problems, other competitors joined the game, and distractions with three little sweet girls. To Gru, the most important achievement in his life is to steal the moon and show the rest of the world who is the biggest villain of the century. I assume that the motivation why Gru chose to be a bad guy as his lifetime goal is the vacancy of love.
The reason why I made the assumption is that, since Gru is the only child in his family, his parent supposed to support this little boy with love and patient for developing his positive personality. However, Gru’s mother always responded him wby a single word “um” with an ossified face in negative attitude whenever Gru came out of any fresh ideas and interesting dreams. Therefore, Gru always wants to be the center of the public and gets everyone’s attention, the Narcissist. By the end of the movie, Gru completes his goal, stealing the moon, furthermore, he fixes his vacancy inside his heart from a cold person to a warm, lovely man due to these three little girls. In conclusion, this movie Despicable Me is a typical comedy made by
DreamWorks for children, however, I, as an adult, am moved and sympathized by the dark sides and the cruel realities behind the laughs and the innocences.

I choose Despicable Me as my topic for the movie essay in Organizational Behavior class. I chose this file because all the characters can be interpreted as employees and employers working together in an organization, to achieve a common goal. Another reason is that, based on my working experience for three years, the distributions of task allocations in this movie is so much similar as in my past working environment.
In Despicable Me, first, it contains the manager role, Gru, the main character, for conducting and deciding the next step and direction of the organization when it has a common goal.
Secondly, Gru designs and leads this organization to complete a specific achievement with a well-defined plan. On the third place, Gru figures out the solutions when the organization faces difficulties and problems. In my previous job in Taiwan, company Compass, the vice-president,
Mr. Wang, is the one who leads the whole business to design the new project; to set the sales

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goal once a year and slightly adjust the goal to fit the current situation; to control all the resources and to allocate them on the correct position; to negotiate with customer if there are any big troubles between delivery and shipping issues; and to deal with banks for financial requirements and investments. That is, the position as a leader of Gru in Despicable Me is just as same as Mr. Wang in my company.

In the second place, this organization led by Gru in Despicable Me has a Research and Develop department which is mainly guided by Dr. Nefario, an old man wearing big funny glasses. He is responsible for inventing various machines, weapons, potions, and rockets for Gru to execute or improve his goal. This department is aiming to help the organization achieving some goals with specific methods and improving or rebuilding the directions. In the same place, company
Compass has it’s own R&D department mainly designs new and competitive products to attract customers. Also, this R&D department helps production lines to solve technical issues for enhancing the total efficiency. Therefore, the film and the reality world have a strong connection