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Rebecca Lund
Dr. Lionel Crews
Scholars Program Movie Class
4 December 2014
Primer is a science fiction movie that deals with the popular themes of technology and time travel. The movie begins with a scene of four men working together with technology in a garage. These men work in a large technology firm during the day and try to make extra money on the side at night to produce products of their own. From the first scene, it is obvious that there is a divide among the friends and that there are problems in their working relationship. Aaron and Abe tend to discard Phillip’s and Robert’s ideas as mediocre and give them a hard time about not being productive. As the movie progresses, the viewer sees Aaron and Abe begin to work on a project together that they want to keep a secret from the others. At first, they still allow Phillip and Robert to continue working in the garage, but since the garage is part of Aaron’s home, he is able to tell them that he is spraying it for bugs and that they will have to postpone work until it is finished. In secret, Aaron and Abe continue to work on their machine, which is supposed to decrease an object’s weight. After the first test run, they realize that the machine is capable of doing this and much more. Abe also discovers that the machine produces a protein as an effect of the process, but the machine produces it at a much faster rate than scientists in labs were able to produce it. After learning this knowledge about the protein, Abe and Aaron realize that time must work differently in the machine than it does out of it; in other words, the objects in the machine experience much more time in the machine than the amount of time that actually passes when the object is in the machine. After conducting more research, Abe builds a machine similar to the one that he built with Aaron that is big enough to contain a human. Even though he knows it is extremely risky, Abe gets in the machine and sends himself back in time to earlier in the day. His double, the one that traveled back in time, goes to Aaron’s work and brings him to the storage facility where the machine is kept. Upon arriving, Aaron and Abe’s double witness the original Abe entering the storage facility to get in the box. After this discovery, the two men build an additional machine for Aaron to use, and they get in the boxes every day for a couple of days so that they can play the stock market. Also, they have decided not to tell Robert and Phillip about the machine because they want to keep it for themselves. Everything is going according to their plan until another man, who is unassociated with the project, gets into the machine and is knocked out by the process. At this point, Abe begins to question time travel and attempts to reverse everything that they have done. He built a failsafe machine, and he gets in it and sets it to take him back four days, which would put him back before he showed Aaron about time travel. After he travels back in time, he arrives in the scene where he is at Aaron’s work telling him about the machine, but before he can say anything, he faints. When he finally wakes up, he learns that Aaron knew about the fail safe machine and tampered with it so that Abe’s attempt to reverse their time travel would not work. Aaron also reveals that he recorded their earlier conversations and that he fought with an earlier version of himself, which he drugged and put in his attic. The two men then learn of a party that Abe’s girlfriend will be throwing that will be ruined by her ex-boyfriend showing up with a gun. They end up preventing this from happening, but they do not know how many times they had to try before they actually accomplished their task. In the end, Aaron decides that he must leave because he doesn’t want to interfere with his double, but Abe stays in…