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Frank miller wrote some of the greatest comics of all time. His unique style and graphic art have created some of the best comic series of all time. These unique comics have also been cause of great inspiration. Some of Frank millers series have been turned into full length feature films. He was the inspiration for movies like 300, sin city, and wolverine. These movies are all very similar in some was but very unique in others. Frank miller is very active in the making of these movies. He also directed the making of a comic book movie himself called The spirit. All the movies he is involved with involve a green screen making his unique style very apparent to the viewer right from the start of the movie to the end. A green screen movie is a movie that is composed of entirely chroma key shots and the all put together to create a movie. A chroma key shot is when a shot is filmed in front of a large background that is usually green or blue because these colors are as far away from human skin tone as possible. These shots are then taken and through the works of special effects the shots are placed in a new background. This means that the filming of these movies is done in front of a huge screen with no actual background, and then after filming the background is placed in. Green screen movies are extremely hard to get the acting right because its all done with no real effects. The actors must make t seem like they are actually fighting on the edge of a cliff or building when there really just acting out a scene in front of a large blank sheet. In some of Frank millers movies he uses a green screen because he feels it portrays a comic book movies the best in due part to all of the special effect done digitally. These digital effects give these movies a scence of anything is possible but the actors still seem quite real not like they are animated or anything but a real person doing supernatural things. The actors have to be very talented to make these scenarios