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Joseph Jachimiak
Mr. Galmish
Morality, 4 G
13 December 2013
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Paper Outline
1. Introductory Paragraph
a. Watched the movie on December 8th
b. Watched On the Waterfront
c. Watched it with my dad, mom, and two brothers
d. The situation with the rail yard is a big discrepancy
e. Chris doesn’t think he told her.
2. First Body Paragraph: Facts
a. Setting: On a Waterfront in the 1950s
a.i. Hoboken, New Jersey
b. Plot:
b.i. Starts out with Joey being killed
b.ii. Terry plays a part in the murder
b.iii. Meets Joey’s sister Edie
b.iv. He has to decide if he is going to tell her or not
b.v. Testifies against the gang an Jonny Friendly Ends the movie after getting beat up by Johnny by just walking away, and he is the one to beat Johnny
3. Second Body Paragraph: The Question from my Mom
a. “Do you guys think that Edie knew about Terry’s involvement with her brother’s murder?
a.i. Dad- No it sounded like she was just coming back from school, and there wouldn’t be a chance that she would know about the gang having just come back
a.ii. David- Girls aren’t allowed to know about gangs because they will go around and tell all of the secrets
4. Third Body Paragraph: Characters
a. Terry
a.i. First seen as a bad character by the whole family
a.ii. As the movie went on, they were able to see that he was starting to become a better person
a.iii. Testifies against the gang, and this solidified the good character with the family
a.iv. All in all, good at the end of the movie in everyone’s eyes
b. Johnny Friendly
b.i. Always seen as bad
b.ii. Takes money from people
b.iii. Manipulates people
b.iv. Kills Joey, and is the one to lead the murder of Charlie
c. Charlie
c.i. Was seen as good and bad by the whole family
c.ii. Chris and Mom think that he was a bad character throughout
c.iii. Is the one to tell his brother to throw a fight
c.iv. Seen as a good character at the end because of the deed he does for Johnny
c.iv.1. Everyone thinks that he knew that he was going to be killed either way, but he tried to make Terry better
5. Fourth Body Paragraph: Good vs. Evil
a. The good wins in the end
b. Terry gets up after being beaten by the two mobsters
c. Family feels that if it was Terry and Johnny, that Terry may end up killing Johnny
d. Mom thinks that the walk at the end of the movie was a perfect way to end the movie
6. Fifth Body Paragraph: The character change
a. Terry
a.i. Gang member at the beginning
a.ii. Beats his old gang both literally and figuratively
a.ii.1. Testifies against them in court
a.ii.2. Is able to walk after two gang members beat him up
a.iii. At the beginning, seems like he only does things to get Edie
a.iv. At the end, he does what is right, not worrying about what the costs are
7. Sixth Body Paragraph: Christ-figure
a. Good be seen as Charlie
a.i. Dies for Terry
a.ii. Does everything that he can to help Terry to change.
a.iii. Gets caught up in others’ business, and this leads to his death, just like Jesus
8. Seventh Body Paragraph: Family Review
a. Every member of the family gave it a thumbs up
b. Want to watch it again
c. Everyone felt that you can easily see the change in Terry throughout the movie, so this is the perfect moral story
9. Eighth Body Paragraph: My review
a. Loved the project
b. Thought it was fun to be able to run a conversation about a good movie with my parents
c. Able to show off a little
d. All stuff that we’ve learned in class
e. Made my family pay close attention, and this was one of the first movies that I watched from a deeper standpoint
10. Conclusion Paragraph
a. Great film
b. A good night
c. Success

Joseph Jachimiak
Mr. Galmish
Catholic Morality, Block 4 Gold
13 December 2013
I abide by the Honor Code
Film Assignment My dad, my mom, my two brothers, and I recently watched the film On The Waterfront on the 8th of December. The movie was well received with my family as we had to stop at