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Movie Project Final Report

Congratulations! You were accepted for a plum internship working for a major film producer. Although most interns are coming from a communications or fine arts background, you were attractive to the producer because of the quantitative skills you possess that can be applied to the film industry.
Your supervisor has assembled a database of films. She would like you to analyze these data and advise her about which movies to invest in (e.g. which type of movies, how much the budget should be, and whatever else you can think of). Unfortunately, you are limited to the data she has given you (Movie_Data_PS5) and she would like a key part of your analysis to be a regression of lifetime gross revenues.
Based upon the analysis you did on the Movie Project for Homeworks 1, 5/6 and 8 and any additional analysis you choose to do, write a report for your supervisor.

Limit your report to 2 pages of text maximum (plus exhibits). You do not need both pages to get full credit for the report, and it will hurt you if you include a lot of extraneous information or discussion in the report.

The Report should be written for your supervisor and other people in the studio who do not necessarily know statistics. However, you may add exhibits for those in the company who do know statistics. Ask yourself, “What would my supervisor need or want to know from my results? How can I convey this information in terms that would be easily understood by an intelligent person not trained in statistical analysis?”

The 2 pages are for text only. Include exhibits that you think they will help the reader. Among the exhibits, you should include: the regression output (of the final regression you used) any other statistics or graphs you believe relevant a table in which you define your variables a variant of table 1 from problem set 5/6 in which you list all of the variables that you tried but did not include in your final regression, why you thought they would affect lifetime revenues, and why you did not include them in your final project. (This includes the variables from problem set 8).

Your report should be well written, easily read and have a professional appearance.

Your report will be evaluated