World Trade Center Essay

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World Trade Center Karen Lee Satterfield 2012 CRIS 302-D01 LUO

World Trade Center 1

Introduction: World Trade Center Today I will review the movie World Trade Center by Director Oliver Stone (2006). In addition to a critique of the movie, I will discuss the nature of the crisis. I will suggest steps to alleviate the crisis, teaching skills and ways to develop
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Jimeno (Pena) and his wife a young couple with one little girl and another on the way. During this time both men prayed, one to God and one to St. Peter. At one point Jimeno (Pena) fell asleep and dreamed
Jesus brought him a little of water. During this the film switches to a retired Marine, Dave Karnes, at work. When he sees what is happening he gets his hair cut, his fatigues and goes to ground zero. As discussed in The Logistics of Responding to Crisis and Disaster, SUV’s (Spontaneous Unexpected
Volunteers) are not encouraged but in this case it was a blessing. As he searched for something, he came across another Marine at ground zero after others had been pulled out because of darkness. Jimeno (Pena) had been pulling on a pipe, that’s when Staff Sargent Karnes heard them. It was not an easy process to get them out, Jimeno (Pena) was so worried about McLoughlin (Cage) dying before they got to him, he wanted his leg cut off. As they got Jimeno (Pena) out, McLoughlin (Cage) was in and out of consciousness, thinking about his wife. He asked her if he loved her good enough,