Movie Review of Tshirt Travels Essay

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Amrit Kulasekaran
Professor Kornelly
Nov 26 2012
Anthropology 101

Salaula: Charity or Exploitation

The documentary “T Shirt travels” follows a young Zambian named Luka through his daily life as a second hand clothes seller. We are taken on a journey through the struggles and issues from both a micro and macro level. We learn about issues facing the country as a whole such as rampant poverty, to an economy destroyed by slavery and further setback due to larger nations dictating economic policy for Zambia. To the smaller scale with individual families such as Luka’s trying to make ends meet in a hand to mouth industry and shows how hard it is for them to succeed. The whole film gives us a deeper understanding of how Zambia is being
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For better or worse the Tiwi’s culture had changed significantly by external forces and has finally found a middle ground between their culture and adapting to modern life. It has taken them many years and a number of owners from the Japanese to the Missionaries but they eventually found a suitable balance and are now more self reliant than before. “Contemporary Tiwi society is very much a part of the modern world system. Tourism and industry organized around the selling of indigenous Tiwi art has become an important part of the Tiwi’s economic base.” Zambia will have to do the same, but with foreign countries not putting Zambia’s priorities first this change will be slow to come. If we do not act quickly enough we could end up with another Haiti.
I feel that a big reason Haiti is having such a hard time rebuilding is because a majority of the population is unemployed and illiterate, and an earthquake that destroyed what little they had in terms of infrastructure. With life expectancy as low as it is, the lack of sanitation spread diseases like wild fire, and due to the lack of health care a lot of people died. In Zambia a large portion of the population is