Sol Rio Apartments Complex Rules

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Sol Rio Apartments Complex Rules

Meter Number: PBW_______________

1. No shopping Trolleys in or around any of the Buildings or surrounding paths $150.00
2. All Tradesmen MUST be reported to Statewide Developments Realty office prior to works carried out. (eg phone lines, gas, electrical)
3. No Loud Music or disturbing noise after 11Pm, You will incur a call out fee $175

4. All cardboard to be taken to basement 1 yellow recycling Bin & to be flat.
5. Garbage must be firmly tied in small bags and placed in chute ensure it goes down not onfloor Milk cartons, bottles, Etc must go into recycling bin on your floor not on floor, no plastic bags
6. No furniture thru foyer entry at any time thru basement only all deliveries.

7. Damage reports made prior to moving in or out no exceptions X 2
8. Garage operated By Code for car park press key button then _________ space No:
9. Lift will shut down if more than 2 attempts at holding door open $500.00 callout.

10. 24 hour Notification must be given before moving in or out including furniture.
11. Lift covers must be fitted prior to loading lift. Notify management if not fitted.
12. Excess rubbish from parties is to be taken down to garbage area basement 1, no exceptions if caught leaving rubbish on any levels a $150.00 fee will apply for removal.

13. Pool & gym facilities are open from 7am to strictly 10pm nightly.
14. No parties permitted in swimming pool area.

15. If you are