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Moving to America

Introduction Coming to America was always a dream, I never thought I could make it. Everybody that I know would love to come, they all wanted to feel like an American. They want to come so bad so bad that they risked their lives by coming to boat, some died to come, and here I am, I remember the day when I knew I was coming to America that was one of the happiest day of my life. I was very happy because America would give me a lot of opportunity: financially, spiritually, and independently.
When I say financially i mean life changing I want to talk about how my life change by moving to America. My life improve financially because in Haiti where I grow up I didn’t have the opportunity to work, I didn’t have the opportunity of getting to a bank and redraw or deposit my own money, neither I did i have the option to buy what I wanted and what I desired for example: before coming to America I didn’t have money to buy a car because I couldn’t effort it, but today with the opportunity that I get here in America to work, I can buy my own car. I can say that coming to America has definitely improve my life financially
Coming to America did not change my life only financially but also spiritually. By coming to America I get to understand God more than I ever before, I get to learn how to prayed in another level, l get to love God more and more, and I can see a change in my family since I moved here in America. Moving to America make me stronger, make me wiser because I get to experience a lot of things, such as dealing with difficult temptation with girls and friend, party, drinking sex etc. … America gives me lots of opportunity but