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New Brunswick

It all started when my mom said to me “We have thought hard on this one but me and scot want a change” So we talked about it for a while and finally decided we were moving to Saint John New Brunswick because we have family there and there is more stuff to do there. So I was happy to move and so was my mom and step dad. So as time passed moving day was getting closer and closer and I was getting more and more nervous as time went by. School had finally ended I said my good byes to all my friends. As the summer went on it had came the day July 27th Moving day!!!. I had to get up bright and early, me and my mom had to wait for my step dad to go get the truck in Windsor, so we waited and waited and finally he arrived after an hour so after he pulled in we started loading box after box, for about 2 hours we finally put the last few items in the truck. My aunt and uncle had came down from Saint john to help us move so they drove the u haul truck and me and my mom and step dad drive our car I was tired and it was a really long drive almost a 6 hour drive. When we arrived it was night time so It was hard to see and a mirror got broken some how but it was ok, and again after two hours of off loading the truck I was ready to past out my whole body was sore form moving. So after we brought the truck back to the u haul It was around 10 or 11 we all decided to get a pizza we were all exhausted so my mom didn’t want to un pack anything to cook something so we ordered a pizza and ate it and then went straight to bed. The next morning me and mom got up and started un packing we finally finished after two days. After that I finally got to enjoy my summer by doing nothing witch I didn’t like to much It was boring but at least I got a break from school. As the summer went on I missed my friends and dad more and more. I started school there I went