Mpenjati Physical Components Essay

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BIOL 231 – Marine Environment
An integrated study of the Mpenjati Estuary-Beach System. (Physical Component)
Kutlo Thathe
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This study was conducted at the Mpenjati Estaury which is located in Port Shepstone and lies along the south coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal. An estuary is a partially enclosed coastal body of water which is either permanently or periodically open to the sea and within which there is measurable variation salinity due to the mixture of fresh water derived from land, however the fresh water inflow may not be perennial, the connection to the sea may be closed for part of the year and tidal influence may be negligible. The
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Then finally, the geotechnical engineer moved with a seaward surveyor to collect sand samples which was identified using the hand lens to determine the grain size comparison to the sand gage chart. The data recorder keep organized notes of each measurements including horizontal distance (x), measurement of change in elevation (y), cumulative change in elevation of all measurements, and sand size at each location. Starting at the baseline, cross-shore data points of elevation were recorded.
From this data collection, gradients were calculated using the gradient equation. The data collected was change in height of the poles as we moved down the beach profile as for y-axis co-ordinates and x-axis values determined the change in distance position which was 2m throughout. Estimations on the mean grain size of sediment was taken from the samples observed at each at each sampling interval using a Grain Size Chart.
The x and y co-ordinates were used to plot the beach profile graph which showed the steepness of the slope as you move seawards. We calculated the gradient by finding the change in y over the change in x (Δy/Δx).
All the data and data calculations were imported, calculated, graphed and