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Managing People and Organisations Assessment Corrections
Jennifer Light

3) The formal organisation refers to the formal relationships of authority and subordination which are found in the form of regulations, written rules or law contracts. The formal organisation creates the formal structures that allow scotia airways to meet the objectives. The informal organisation is in the formal organisation and is the system of social and personal relations that is developed between people that work together. This could be people who take their breaks together or people who share transport to and from work, it is very important that these relationships are made because it influences both behaviors and attitudes with in the work environment, the happier people are at work the more likely they are to be successful.
Both the informal and the formal structure have a role and affect the organsiation and relationships between the staff.

4) Customers are stake holders within scotia airways because they are the people who consume the service, they decide whether or not they like the service and what reputation the company will have. Customers may write reviews on websites or social media which can affect the airways company; they also recommend the service and decide whether they want to buy the service.
The Government are stake holders in scotia airways because the government spending policies influence macroeconomic conditions and this effects the interest rates, tax rates and government spending all in an effort to control the economy. This is the fiscal policy, however, the monetary policy is when the action of the bank or other regulatory committee determines the size and rate of growth of the money supply, which in turn effects the