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Construction and Allied Industries FE Construction Assessment Summary Sheet

Programme: Subsidiary Diploma in Construction Extended Diploma in Construction
No: Level 3
Module: Sustainable Construction
Unit 02
Assignment Title: Features of the Natural Environment

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Michael Lavelle
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Brian Huckle
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Outcomes Assessed (including Reference Number)

Learning Outcome 1 Know the important features of the natural environment that need to be protected

Learning Outcome 2 Understand how the activities of the construction and built environment sector impact on the natural environment

Refer to grading criteria sheet for full description
P1, M1, D1. PLTS [IE 3, SM2, SM3] See details on page 3.
General Assessor Comments Assignment 1 of 3

Formative Assessment:

Summative Assessment:
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Criteria met P1 M1 D1

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Michael Lavelle

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Brian Huckle

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Unit 2 Sustainable Construction

Assignment No1

Features of the natural environment that need to be protected at all stages of construction.

Scenario A major re-development of *………………... is to be undertaken as part of the regeneration of that particular area

*(You select a development/project in your chosen area/location and after researching the development, enter the details in the space above) If you are unsure, please see your tutor for advice and possible development proposals.

In your role as the Local Authority Environmental Officer, you have been asked to undertake the following tasks in relation to the project/development in order to ascertain the possible issues affecting the natural and built environment at all stages of the development.

Task 1 P1 PLTS [IE 3, SM2, SM3]

Give a description of six features of the natural environment that require consideration at the start of your project or development in terms of how they could be affected as a result of bad practice or