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Design management strategy can be reposition through the competitive analysis. In 1970s, the Swiss watch industry faced the threats and impact from Japan watch industry, traditional, old-fashioned watchmakers in Switzerland suffered enormously. Although Japan’s watch is cheaper than watches that made in Swiss and advantage of Japan’s quartz watch is technical precision, Mr. Nicolas G. Hayek realized that a long history of making luxury watch is the most merit in team of the Swiss watch industry. Here factored and renamed for Swatch Group. Swatch realized that they should drive adoption of a new technology beyond the mainstream and get customers’ needs when they did competitive analysis (See figure1). Swatch used “Venn Diagram” model to find sweet spot with unique point in Swatch, this spot can help Swatch to understand and recall the consumers’ mind (see figure 2). It used "New", "Special", "Anti-tradition" to promote the market, to convey the "Fashion, Exciting, Appeal, Memorial, High-quality and Low- cost" information. Swatch strategic design makes them stood out in global market and acquired the Swiss watch company 51% shares. Until now, Swatch not only means a watch for consumer, but also becomes an icon of fashion and identity. This strategy made the world watch industry revolutionary change, and make consumers keep desire for Swatch. ( Figure 1 ) ( Figure 2 )

Design management strategy can increase brand equity and get profit. According to Borja (2002), Brand Equity is basically the perceived value of a brand in the eyes and minds of its target customers. Brand perception building activities helps to create brand equity. The better the perception, the greater is your brand equity. For it, Swatch has collaborated with some international