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A person defines his life according to his experiences. Everyone has gone through many experiences. Some people have easy life whereas some have hard life. In other cases, some may have gone through the both experiences. An old man named Purna, came here in the United States thirty months ago. Running through many ups and downs in his life, he has finally found a new life in America. Purna feels secure and happy here in America. “Everything are automatic and easy," he said, his lips cracking a huge smile. “I am protected here.” He started speaking some English after going to “English as a second language” classes. At the beginning it was hard for him to cope up with the American community, but now he feels comfortable and safe. “Now I can go shopping and answer my phone myself,” said Purna, his right hand touching gently on my shoulder. He has even visited five states and found himself save in all the journeys . Purna was a Bhutanese citizen. He was happy with his family while he was in Bhutan. “I still remember my beautiful house sited on the lap of the Himalayas,” he said, his eyes beginning to cloud over with tears. He had a government job, from where he could run his family.”I was fifty years old, when I left Bhutan,” cried Purna, his eyes facing downwards. “I can’t imagine that scene now.” He was driven away from the country by the Bhutanese government because of the racial and linguistic problems. He speaks Nepali whereas the national language of Bhutan is dzongkha. It was a great misfortune for him when he became citizenless and got a title “Refugee.” Purna had spent eighteen years of his life in Nepal as a refugee with sufferings and fears. He explained, “I never really thought that these misfortunes could happened to me. I was unlucky.” Then with a little bit serious expression, he added “Never be a refugee.” He had to suffer a lot during an exile life. He was not supposed to get out of the camp to earn money. Spending his life in a darkness in a refugee camp, was not easy for him, as there was no electricity. It was really a hard time for him when his bamboo hut was caught by a huge fire. His eyes opening wide, Purna shouted, “When wind roars around, I had to spent the whole time holding down the bamboo roof of my hut by my both hands, standing on the top of my bamboo bed.” With no hopes of returning back to his motherland he has finally interested in the third country resettlement which was brought by the United States of America. “My all trials returning back to my country became like pouring a glass of water into sands.” Purna said this with a deep breath. He had made many rallies against the monopoly of the Bhutanese government, but nothing changed. In 1993, he along with other refugees did a hunger strike against the Bhutanese government , demanding to take them back to their motherland . Purna said, “I still remember that event when I loss many friends during the fight between Indian army and the refugees.” His leader