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University of Phoenix
Willie C Bennett
Philip Shippers

The business plan I chose is Computer Engineering, Todd, West, and associates who specialize in the modification to inventory management systems of all types. The mission of Todd, West, and associate is to work directly with customers to improve their warehouse management system. In reading this business plan that I would be concerned with is does the company have the experience and leaders to identify and meet the needs of the customers. Is the plan properly identifying the market; does the company have managers in place who understand the business plan; does the company have proper material to meet the demand of the service providing is the products capable of meeting the demands and needs of the customers; does the company have sufficient capital reserved enough to sustain a six month period; does the company have a training plan that would educate employees to the goals of the company. These are the concerns I have toward the strength of the company. One of the strength of the staff of Todd, West, and associate is that they have performed within the industry major companies with successful results. Their unique perspective has already led to two of the industry leaders, symbol and CDS, outsourcing special modification orders to Todd, West, and Associate. With this said the company has already achieved huge recognition. In reading the business plan for the computer engineering business there are no known weaknesses. The objectives chart shows a manageable sale, gross margin and net profit chart which is very achievable in a three-year period. One of the weaknesses of the company would be reaching sources outside of the RAM which they have already developed. Although they show success, developing a outreach plan to outside sources will be challenging. It is estimated that wireless ADC products will dominate the market by 2005. Two of the industry leaders, symbols and CDS, exceeded 600 million in sales for FY 2000. Wireless product represents 28% of their total sales. The company (computer engineering) will have to provide a service which will be more advantageous than the competitive competition. Although Todd, West, and associates competitive edge is the five years Mary and John has spent installing symbol and CDS wireless ADC system, most companies internal are already set up with this business. In reading the business plan studying the sales monthly, sales by year projections the company shows great potential for opportunities. The company’s opportunity personally shows great potential for increase for employees and the business. With an average increase of $10,000 per employee each year the opportunities of success is achievable. The financial plan profit monthly, yearly and gross margin monthly also shows great profit which is reachable. Financially the opportunity for profit growth shows an increase of $100,000 in three years along with cash flow. Although it is not mentioned in the business plan the